[xmlsec] Win32 msvc build warnings

Ranier VF ranier_gyn at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 05:09:24 PST 2016

Is possible make small changes?

1. win32\makefile.msvc
Recent msvc compilers deprecated "NOWIN98" and generate error.

2. include\xmltree.h (line 53)
XMLSEC_EXPORT xmlNodePtr        xmlSecEnsureEmptyChild  (xmlNodePtr parent,
                                                         const xmlChar *name,
                                                         const xmlChar *ns);
XMLSEC_EXPORT xmlNodePtr        xmlSecEnsureEmptyChild  (const xmlNodePtr parent,
                                                         const xmlChar *name,
                                                         const xmlChar *ns);

to fix:
..\src\xmltree.c(312) : warning C4028: formal parameter 1 different from declaration

3. unreachable code with MSVC WIN32 defines?
c:\dll\xmlsec-1.2.23\src\openssl\evp_signatures.c(145) : warning C4702: unreachable code
c:\dll\xmlsec-1.2.23\src\openssl\signatures.c(180) : warning C4702: unreachable code
c:\dll\xmlsec-1.2.23\src\openssl\hmac.c(176) : warning C4702: unreachable code
c:\dll\xmlsec-1.2.23\src\openssl\digests.c(135) : warning C4702: unreachable code

Best regards,

Ranier Vilela

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