[xmlsec] X509 Data Has Empty Nodes

Sergio Garcia sergio at ginx.com.br
Sun Jun 5 16:36:48 PDT 2016


I was including the missing functions to handle X509 information when
signing XML files to the python-xmlsec wrapper library and noted that when
using the subject name I got additional empty nodes to X509Data node.

This is the X509Data node right before signing the template.


And this is the signed node:


<X509SubjectName>emailAddress=xmlsec at aleksey.com,CN=Aleksey
Sanin,OU=Examples RSA Certificate,O=XML Security Library (

I put a sample for this (sign4) in my fork at
https://github.com/sergio-garcia/xmlsec, but I was unable to determine what
is causing this additional empty text nodes.

I used Ubuntu 14.04 with the supplied libxmlsec1-dev on my tests.

There is something that I'm probably missing?

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