[xmlsec] Trying to implement GOST 28147-89 cipher. Need help

Nikolay Shaplov dhyan at nataraj.su
Wed Mar 4 05:50:44 PST 2015


I am trying to implement GOST 28147-89 cipher.

I've cloned all objects related to Des3Cbc into Gost28147_89
but it turned out that I've missed something...

When I try to encrypt binary daya with GOST key it says

library function failed: 
is not found: 
library function failed: 
Error: failed to encrypt file "data"
Error: failed to encrypt file with template "gost.tmpl"

I did not managed to debug this properly, may be because of lack of C 

Can you have a look at it. May be I've made some stupid mistake that can bee 
easily seen (something like using wrong name in key file for example).
Or it mistake can't be easily seen may be you can tell me from what point I 
should look for mistake... Or give some other useful advise...

In attach there is a diff file for gost89 and my test files that I am using to 
run it.
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