[xmlsec] XMLSec Library for MS-DOS

Luiz Alcoforado laea at laea.com.br
Fri Oct 17 07:40:44 PDT 2014


What I meant was real DOS, running direct in metal : Ms-dos 6.22 and IBM 
pc-dos 7.0

I intend to use Open Watcom C Compiler to compile and Causeway to run.

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Aleksey & Luiz

A couple of years ago I got xmlsec to build and work on MS DOS (well,
from the Windows command prompt, which is what I assume you mean).

I needed to make a very small change to xmlsec (to handle a reference to
"cid:/filename/"  by just looking for "/filename/", because you can't
have colons in MS DOS filenames).

I found fundamentally insurmountable problems using MS tools to do this
(I'd explain why, but life is too short <g>), so eventually attacked the
problem using mingw<http://www.mingw.org/>  to build all of the required
libraries and the executable as DOS/Win DLLs and an EXE.

It was a total nightmare, but I got there in the end and the solution is
now deployed and working.

I/did/  mean to write up the process of going from source to working
executables, but have frankly been too lazy, however I still have my
(indecipherable and meaningless to anybody else) notes on what I did.

If I can help, I will, to the extent that time permits.

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