[xmlsec] extended character set encryption/decryption

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Mon Apr 1 20:03:29 PDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 10:03:44PM +0000, Russell Beall wrote:
> Ok.
> Maybe the code I used to use will still work for this, but when I upgraded the libraries, I had to switch from
> xmlSecEncCtxDecrypt
> to
> xmlSecEncCtxDecryptToBuffer
> This was because decrypting packets like below produces a document error, perhaps within libxml:
> Entity: line 4: parser error : internal error
>       <USCID>5843020612</USCID>
>              ^
> func=xmlSecReplaceNodeBufferAndReturn:file=xmltree.c:line=573:obj=unknown:subj=xmlParse
> InNodeContext:error=5:libxml2 library function failed:Failed to parse content
> func=xmlSecEncCtxDecrypt:file=xmlenc.c:line=648:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecReplaceNodeBuffe
> r:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:node=EncryptedData
> This happened regardless of extended character sets.
> Previously I would decrypt to a document and then do an xmlDocDumpMemory to get the data.
> Does this ring any kind of a bell?

  Honnestly no, this is issued inside libxml2 parser
I would need some kind of stack trace to understand what is going on
plus you are still using a relatively old libxml2 version.

> Maybe I need to run another upgrade of libxml or libxmlsec?

worth trying, 2.8.x or 2.9.0


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