[xmlsec] Regarding signing the Soap xml message with the saml token and SCT token.

Venkataragavan Vijayakumar venkataragavan.v at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 09:43:46 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I am new to web services. we are implementing the web service soap message
transactions through for our project.

We need to act as a client and we need to deal with the ws security . In
that the soap message will be signed with the SAML token using the XML
signature and then another soap message will be signed by the SCT (secure
context token).

Please let me know how to sign the xml soap message with SAML/SCT using
library xmlsec.

I saw the examples of the xmlsec , in that the key file need to be given as
the input to sign the xml messages

so in the case of SAML / SCT how to do the xml signature.

Please forgive me if my questions are wrong. Please help me to sign the
soap message using SAML / SCT tokens.

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