[xmlsec] Problem with xmlsec configure

Mike Peat mpeat at unicorninterglobal.com
Sun Feb 10 07:18:32 PST 2013


Thank you, but - with my "commenting out the rm" hack - I seem to have 
achieved success (and many, many thanks to you and others who have helped).

More than just success - I have made my changes (tiny really) in the 
approximate fashion suggested by Aleksey (I implemented a sub-set of 
callbacks for dealing with "cid:" prefixed references and registered 
them in xmlSecIORegisterDefaultCallbacks in xmlsec's io.c module - only 
a sub-set, because only the "match" and "open" functions needed to 
differ from the standard "File" callbacks).  I have that working and it 
is now doing what I needed: placing digests of both the SOAP document 
itself, and the referenced XML "payload" document into the SignedInfo 
Reference elements of the SOAP document before creating the digital 
signature and putting that in the SignatureValue element.

The crucial thing for me is that it appears to pass muster with the 
system I am sending it to as a valid signature.

I will, when I have time (project completed - invoice sent), write up 
the whole procedure I used to build all of the libraries (zlib, iconv, 
openssl, libxml2, libxslt and xmlsec) from the ground up in MinGW/MSys 
as a reference for the future and post a link to it here.  I am sure 
that I have not done it the best way, but at least I have got it to work 
(which, while only a small virtue, is an important one... to me at least 

Thank you all again!


On 10/02/2013 14:39, Roumen Petrov wrote:
> Mike Peat wrote:
>> Hi Roumen
>> [SNIP]
>> //===================
>> ...
>> make[5]: Entering directory 
>> `/projects/xmlsec1/xmlsec1-1.2.18/include/xmlsec'
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> *** WARNING ***:
>> You seem to have old xmlsec header files installed in:
>>   "/projects/xmlsec1/xmlsec1-1.2.18/include/xmlsec"
> This is old default location : $(includedir)/xmlsec
>> The entire directory will be removed now.
>> To allow parallel installation of different xmlsec library versions,
>> the header files are now installed in a version specific subdirectory:
>>   "/projects/xmlsec1/xmlsec1-1.2.18/include/xmlsec1/xmlsec"
> , i.e. new one is is $(includedir)/xmlsec1/xmlsec. Note extra 
> subdirectory 'xmlsec1' in path.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> rm: cannot remove directory 
>> `/projects/xmlsec1/xmlsec1-1.2.18/include/xmlsec': Permission denied
> I think this is windows limitation - a process still use old header 
> location or race condition from antivirus or ....
> May be for details you would like to review cygwin implementation of 
> removal commands and hacks for microsoft OS-es.
>> [SNIP]
> xmlsecincdir = $(includedir)/xmlsec1/xmlsec
>> ...
>> remove-old-headers:
>>     @if test "x$(DESTDIR)" = "x" && test -d "$(includedir)/xmlsec"; 
>> then \
>> [SNIP]
>>         echo "  \"$(xmlsecincdir)\""; \
>> [SNIP]
>>         rm -rf "$(includedir)/xmlsec"; \
>>     fi
>> [SNIP]
>> My workaround was just to comment-out the "rm" line, which resulted 
>> in workingness.
>> I suspect that this is an actual bug rather than an aspect of my 
>> stupidity.
> I don't know why in you environment exists 
> .../xmlsec1-1.2.18/include/xmlsec.
> This is not real issue (see above old vs new location).
> May be one minus before remove commands just to ignore results is enough.
> If I'm right for race in recursive removal then after reboot OLD 
> directory  won't exists.
>> Mike
> [SNIP]
> Roumen
> .

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