[xmlsec] Id attribute

Nenad Jebiv nenjeb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 00:06:13 PDT 2012

Hi Aleksey,

I'm using xmlsec downloaded from Zlatkovic's page on Win7/64 bit

I have problem to sign some xml (in attachement) from command line.

xmlsec --sign --id-attr:Id signXmlId --output.xml --pkcs12 cert.pfx --pwd
pwd input.xml

xmlsec --sign --id-attr:Id RacunZahtjev --output.xml --pkcs12 cert.pfx
--pwd pwd input.xml
signs xml but output.xml does not have valid signature.

Certificate is tested with another tool and it's working fine on same xml.

Please can you tell me what I'm missing.


PS: Please don't point me to FAQ section 3.2 if possible :-)
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