[xmlsec] Building problem on Mac OS X (xmlsec1-1.2.12)

Neko akitsukineko at gmail.com
Tue May 1 06:12:39 PDT 2012

Dear Aleksey,
Sorry for sending to the wrong position...

I'm compiling xmlsec1-1.2.12(since any version above this will need
libxml2.7.4) on my Macbook
However, I can't make it work...
It seems that OpenSSL can be recognized during the configuration, however
it doesn't work correctly.

Mac OS X: 10.7.3
OpenSSL: I tried
0.9.8r(brought with Mac OS X)
1.installed by
sudo ./config
sudo make
sudo make install

sudo ./config --prefix=$HOME no-asm
sudo make
sudo make install

sudo ./config --prefix=/usr/ darwin64-x86_64-cc enable-cms no-asm
sudo make
sudo make install
1.installed by
sudo ./config
sudo make
sudo make install

sudo ./config --prefix=$HOME no-asm
sudo make
sudo make install
And I did make check on all the OpenSSL version.

installed by
sudo ./configure
sudo make

configure information about OpenSSL
checking for openssl >= 0.9.8... checking for openssl >= 0.9.7... checking
for openssl >= 0.9.6... checking for openssl libraries >= 0.9.6... rm:
conftest.dSYM: is a directory
yes ('0.9.8')
(whatever which version of OpenSSL installed)
and almost all of the tests are skipped during make check
trying to sign a xml file, I got error message
function failed:filename=libxmlsec1-openssl.so
library function failed:crypto=openssl
library function failed:
Error: unable to load xmlsec-openssl library. Make sure that you have
this it installed, check shared libraries path (LD_LIBRARY_PATH)
envornment variable or use "--crypto" option to specify different
crypto engine.
Error: initialization failed
Usage: xmlsec <command> [<options>] [<files>]
is not implemented:
library function failed:
Error: xmlsec crypto shutdown failed.

I noticed there's "Error: unable to load xmlsec-openssl library.", how
should I fix it?
Any help would be very appreciated.

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