[xmlsec] EncryptedAssertion format

Claude Lecommandeur claude.lecommandeur at epfl.ch
Wed Mar 14 06:45:03 PDT 2012


   I am trying to write a small SAML2 IDP and have a strange problem when creating encrypted saml2:Assertion.
I create a saml2p:Response which contains an assertion :

<saml2:Assertion xmlns:saml2="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion"

   I crypted it with an AES key, and ebbed it inside saml2:EncryptedAssertion and xenc:EncryptedData and everything goes well. The problem arise wher I try to decrypt it with xmlsec1 --decrypt. I get this :

xmlsec1 --decrypt --trusted-pem kissrv64.crt --privkey kissrv64.key resp
Entity: line 80: parser error : chunk is not well balanced
func=xmlSecReplaceNodeBufferAndReturn:file=xmltree.c:line=573:obj=unknown:subj=xmlParseInNodeContext:error=5:libxml2 library function failed:Failed to parse content
func=xmlSecEncCtxDecrypt:file=xmlenc.c:line=648:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecReplaceNodeBuffer:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:node=EncryptedData
Error: failed to decrypt file
Error: failed to decrypt file "resp"

   This is strange since my assertion is well balanced. If I remove the closing tag of the assertion, making it invalid XML, the decrypting works but produce an invalid result : no saml2:Assertion inside.

    I then tried to insert a prefix to the assertion :

<saml2:Assertion <saml2:Assertion xmlns:saml2="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion"

    Yes, perfect non sense but dectypting works and seems correct, but when feeding it to a Shibboleth SP, it chokes with "Decryption did not result in a single element."

     I am lost, if anyone has a an advice ready for this case, I'll take it.


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