[xmlsec] Is C_GetAttributeValue an important part also for xmlsec1 in order to control the signing?

Si St sigbj-st at operamail.com
Wed Nov 30 11:33:02 PST 2011

I find that 'openssl dgst -sign' and 'xmlsec1 --sign' gives validatable
signatures, but with 'pkcs11-tool' the following error appears on
"--test" a smartcard:

SHA1-RSA-PKCS: couldn't get the pubkey VALUE attribute, no validation
warning: PKCS11 function C_GetAttributeValue(VALUE) failed: rv =

and it is impossible to validate a signature by the receiver.

Somewhat off topic as to xmlsec1, maybe, but I dare to ask.....

  Si St
  sigbj-st at operamail.com

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