[xmlsec] Incompatibility between OPENSSL nad MSCRYPTO engines?

Josef Kokeš j.kokes at apatykaservis.cz
Thu Oct 20 01:30:19 PDT 2011


I have been using XmlSec for some time, but only with the OpenSSL 
engine. Now I find myself in need of using a MS-Crypto engine (I want to 
use tokens for certificate storage). I thought I would simply change the 
parameter of xmlSecCryptoDLLoadLibrary from "openssl" to "mscrypto", but 
apparently that is not the case:

When I start preparing the signature context, the xmlSecDSigCtxCreate 
succeeds but the following xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoadMemory(PfxBuf, PfxSize, 
xmlSecKeyDataFormatPkcs12, PfxPassword, 0, 0) returns 0 - the key could 
not be loaded. But the same command succeeds with OpenSSL. I thought 
perhaps it's another case of incompatible PFX files between Windows XP 
and newer Windows, but that is not the case as I can import the PFX 
correctly using the OS's tools.

I am using LibXmlSec version 1.2.18 under Windows, as compiled by Igor 
Zlatkovic in no-unicode mode.

What could possibly be the problem?



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