[xmlsec] 64-bit Linux link error

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Wed Oct 12 13:27:20 PDT 2011

Floodeenjr, Thomas wrote:
> Aleksey,
> The problem was not a wrong library. The problem was that only the dynamic libraries in xmlsec are built with -fPIC. Once I added -fPIC to the CFLAGS, then the build worked.
> This appears to only be a problem on 64-bt Linux. 32-bit Linux and 32-bit Solaris worked for me without needed to add -fPIC or -pic.
To me xmlsec build fine on 64-bit linux without to add explicitly -fFIC. 
By default configuration libtool will create static and shared libraries.
Technically  xmlsec-CRYTO objects must be before xmlsec libraries to 
resolve dependency and order is by example in openssl:
libxmlsec1_openssl_la_LIBADD = \
     $(OPENSSL_LIBS) \
     $(LIBXSLT_LIBS) \
     $(LIBXML_LIBS) \
     ../libxmlsec1.la \

I don't know what I miss in initial post . What is

LINK_LIBS =  -Wl,-Bstatic -lSDDinfrasec_xml$(DBG) \
              -lxmlsec1 \
              -lxmlsec1-openssl \
              -lcrypto \
              -lxml2 \
              -lz \
              -Wl,-Bdynamic \

This is not related to xmlsec build process right ?
Is this post from an external build ?

> Thanks,
> -Tom


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