[xmlsec] certificate chain verification

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Jun 27 13:04:45 PDT 2011

mscrypto searches trusted certificates in the following order:
1) Key manager
2) Logged-in/current user crypro store
3) System crypto store

So answers to your questions are:
a) no
b) yes
3) yes


On 6/27/11 12:39 PM, EdShallow wrote:
> Does mscrypto check the certificate chain on a verify?
> a) - does the keysmngr have to be loaded with the trusted der-encoded 
> certs?
> b) - if the trusted certs are already in the MS crypto store, does 
> this avoid having to loaded the trusted certs in the keysmngr?
> c) - Wil mscrypto throw a verify error if neither a) nor b) is performed?
> Ed
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