[xmlsec] Installing XMLSEC in Mac Os X without installing xCode

Bernardo Hoehl lists at correiofacil.com
Sun Jan 16 11:17:24 PST 2011

Dear friends,

This is my first post, please be nice to me if I am asking foolish questions...

I am an Applescript programmer from Brazil.

I have developed a solution that uses xmlsec to sign an xml file that contains an invoice. (this is a new procedure in my country, all invoices have to be signed by the companies and aproved by government before they can used)

To use xmlsec I have to first install Apple's xCode and then install darwin ports that allows me to run:

port install xmlsec

MacPorts or Darwin ports requires xCode installed, I guess it needs the gcc library to compile xmlsec.

This would make my instalation procedure very time consuming and downloads would be very long. Besides, I think I can not distribute xCode freely.

I am not sure if I can also put xmlsec in the same package as my software, but I guess I could compile a simpler xmlsec installer for Mac Os X, as long as I offer it back to the whole comunity.

I would apreciate your comments and advice,

Thank you,

Bernardo Höhl
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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