[xmlsec] Compilation of XmlSec Application on Windows

rahul kumar rahul3894singh at gmail.com
Sat May 22 19:44:43 PDT 2010

Hi Aleksey,

I am using xmlsec API on windows XP ( 32 bit) and once I use try to verify
the my license file from my written application it crashes


 I have compiled the xmlsec1-1.2.12  ( also tried by downloading the
xmlsec1-1.2.13)on windows and my application crashes when call the function

I am using the same version of XMLSEC on my Linux environment and it is
working fine. I am using openssl 1.0.0 version ( Openssl Lite on Windows).

After my analysis I found that the application crashes in  function
xmlSecTransformC14NPushXml ( In file c14n.c) where it calls the
function  xmlOutputBufferClose(buf),
if I comment this function then the operation fails but the application
doesnt crash.


But when I try to verify my license file using the application provided
along with xmlsec library for windows it works fine. The libxml2 and openSSL
libraries are same in both the scenario.

It will be great help if you can guide me how the application provided with
xmlsex ( i.e. xmlsec.exe ) is compiled.


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