[xmlsec] error on signature verification

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Tue Apr 27 15:15:43 PDT 2010


 I'm trying to validate the attached document, so I'm using
 two command lines to verify both signatures:

 xmlsec1 --verify --print-debug \
--print-crypto-error-msgs \
--id-attr:ID 'http://www.sii.cl/SiiDte:Documento' \
--node-name 'http://www.sii.cl/SiiDte:Documento' \
--node-id 'F185T33' \
documento-20100427.1.xml 2>&1

xmlsec1 --verify --print-debug \
--print-crypto-error-msgs \
--id-attr:ID 'http://www.sii.cl/SiiDte:SetDTE' \
--node-name 'http://www.sii.cl/SiiDte:SetDTE' \
--node-id 'DTE1272374641984' \
documento-20100427.1.xml 2>&1

With first one, the signature is validated and it's ok, but the second one seems to try to verify the
first '#F185T33' instead of the second one '#DTE1272374641984', and I get this error message:

Error: signature failed
SignedInfo References (ok/all): 0/1
Manifests References (ok/all): 0/0
Error: failed to verify file "documento-20100427.1.xml"
== Status: unknown

And the trace seems to be looking at the   first URI:

library function failed:expr=xpointer(id('F185T33'))
library function failed:

Thanks in advance,
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