[xmlsec] Signing with X509 certificate using mscrypto provider

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Apr 22 10:39:05 PDT 2010

Could you please try this one? I packaged everything I have -
all the binaries and libraries. This way we can avoid version
incompatibilities in libxml2 and everything else :)


Thank you!

On 4/22/2010 8:09 AM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Aleksey Sanin wrote:
>> Could  you please try the "unofficial" build?
>> http://www.aleksey.com/public/xmlsec-20100422.tar.gz
> Thanks.
> Unfortunatelly, I was unable to run code on Win7 machine, it was
> complaining about missing MSVCR90.DLL and adding this library to path
> caused another strange error message.
> I have tried also on WinXP. I had similar problems, but I managed to run
> code after putting xmlsec.exe.manifest linking to MSVCR90 library into
> the same directory as xmlsec.exe.
> But, after that change xmlsec.exe you have provided crashed on KeyName
> without accented letters. When I have tried to use key I have sent you
> (one with accented letters) it was unable to find key. So it seems that
> bug is either not resolved, or that Windows build of xmlsec.exe went
> wrong and utility shows completely crazy results.
> My knowledge of Windows C based development is very limited. Are you
> able to built code against msvcrt.dll instead of msvcr90.dll? This
> should resolve this nasty library mismatch stuff and I could test it
> properly.
> Many thanks,
> 				Jirka

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