[xmlsec] C14n failure with relative namespace

Lenoir Herve hlenoir at axway.com
Sat Jan 9 23:48:03 PST 2010

I, Aleksey,
When, I try to Sign a XML Client file with transform exclusive canonicalization, I have this error :
<FEN0029A xmlns="FEN0029A">
C14N error : Relative namespace UR is invalid here : (null)
It seems, it's a libxml2 C14n error...
For libxml2 this namespace is a "relative namespace" (a deprecated namespace)
When I modify the XML input file and add "urn:"     
<FEN0029A xmlns="FEN0029A"> to <FEN0029A xmlns="urn:FEN0029A">
It works fine !
My problem is :
1) the Client can't modify the XML file provided (created by an external product)
2) I can't omit the canonicalization (my security policies doesn't permit it)   
Do you know other solution to resolve my problem ?
Best regards,

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