[xmlsec] ABS_%DIR vs abs_%dir

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Oct 25 10:29:29 PST 2009

Hi Roumen,

Let me ask a question about the problem you are trying to solve.
As far as I can understand, the issue is that one can't run
tests when build != src dir. Correct?

I feel that the proposed change is too big for this problem.
Do you think it would be possible to minimize the changes and
fix just that problem?


Roumen Petrov wrote:
> Hi All,
> the current version adds some makefile macros(variables). It seems to 
> that implementation is incorrect.
> Lets see following makefile:
> =============================================
> ABS_SRCDIR=$(shell echo ABS_SRCDIR)
> all:
>     @echo all
>     @echo $(ABS_SRCDIR)
> =============================================
> The difference is that make macro is evaluated in the target commands.
> The issue for xmlsec is that tests fail to run if build and source 
> directory differ. Simple solutions is to use variables in targers, i.e. 
> $$ABS_BUILDDIR. I guess this will resolve issue but see below ...
> Another issue is portability. As I know $(shell ...) is specific to GNU 
> make and may is not implemented in other make implementations.
> What about to use abs_%dirs as in attached file xmlsec-abs_dir.patch. 
> Note this is not complete patch !
> The idea is to replease ABS_%DIR macros with values substituted from 
> configure script.
> According autoconf change log "2001-12-13  Peter Eisentraut 
> <peter_e at gmx.net>" adds abs_%dir and for first time version 2.52g 
> substitute them in files.
> So abs%dir support require configure.in to be changed : AC_PREREQ(2.2) 
> -> AC_PREREQ([2.52g])
> Next is automake. I could not found first automake version that adds 
> paths like abs_%dir to generated file. According my knowledge and test 
> it is 1.10. This is not problem as in Makefile.am we can just add as 
> example "abs_top_builddir = @abs_top_builddir@" and this will work with 
> 1.10+ and earlier.
> So abs%dir support don't require changes in configure.in 
> (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.7])) .  It require only to add abs_XXX variables to 
> Makefile.am for backward compatibility with pre 1.10 versions of automake.
> Also instead abs_top_%dir makefile could use abs_%dir.
> Regards,
> Roumen
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