[xmlsec] Extending the certificate store in mscrypto

Erik F Andersen Erik.FA at profdoc.dk
Mon Aug 31 06:51:52 PDT 2009

Hello all,


I'm trying to add additional certificates to the system store used by
XMLSec's mscrypto functions (default is 'My').


The additional certificates is stored in an ordinary file as a streamed
certificate store on my local machine.


Does anyone know if this is possible and how?


I thought I could just load the file into a new certificate store and
then add this store as a sibling store to the 'My' store but this does
not seem to work.


Maby I'm just missing the obvious?


I am hoping to do this without adding a brand new system store since my
application will by running on a Citrix server with many different
streamed certificate stores (one for each installation) and I do not
know how this will behave.


With kind regards,

Erik F. Andersen

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