[xmlsec] Widget signing template

Kai Hendry kai.hendry at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 09:05:36 PDT 2009

Hi Aleksey,

git clone git://git.webvm.net/wgtqa
cd wgtqa/xmldsig/

I hope you can review some work I've been doing, to put together a
template for the W3C digital signature folk using your tool xmlsec1.

Your dsakey.p12 from your tests/ directory. I think I see how you
created it by tests/keys/README.

I tried creating a simpler example.p12
http://git.webvm.net/?p=wgtqa;a=blob;f=xmldsig/Makefile and it does
not work. Perhaps I am missing something? Do I really need to setup a
CA? I was hoping it work closer in practice to my ssh priv/pub

This is the error message from xmlsec1:

library function failed:
is not found:
library function failed:
library function failed:
Error: signature failed
Error: failed to sign file "../signing-template.xml"

For the purposes of an example. I'm not sure pkcs12 is the way to go,
esp. since I don't like typing in passwords. I wanted to create a
private PEM key to sign and use the X509 public key to verify. Though
that didn't work either.

Thanks again,

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