[xmlsec] Size of encrypted files

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at snv.jussieu.fr
Tue Jun 9 08:19:57 PDT 2009

Hi Aleksey,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply !

> Encryption: with block cyphers, pretty much 1-1 with
> 	    some minor constant overhead.
> Base64: 4/3 of the input + eols (if you have them)

The encryption method used is AES128CBC and the encrypted file is indeed
base64 encoded.
Yes, there are eols in the encrypted document. YOu write "if you have
them": do you mean that it is possible not to have them ?
If yes, I'd very interested in learning how to disable tem in xmlsec,
because the application which will decrypt does not currently support

Many thanks in advance for your help,

PS: is it possible to disable the "text" nodes in the output trees
generated by xmlsec ? My guess is that it is not possible, but actually
this feature would be very convenient.

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