[xmlsec] xmlsec usage questions

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Apr 22 13:43:38 PDT 2009

>   Is there a searchable interface for the mailing list hosted anywhere, 
> I apologize if I'm repeating common questions.

Google? :) Just add site:aleksey.com to your query.

>   When using xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad to load a binary key of type 
> xmlSecKeyDataFromatBinary will it simply load any type of binary key 
> without any more knowledge about the key as if it is RSA or DES?

I believe it only supports RSA/DSA keys. And you need to specify
the format (e.g. PEM or DER).

>   After using xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad to load a binary key or a PEM file 
> with an RSA or DES key inside of it how do I query the WSSecKeyPtr for 
> information about which type of key it is?  I need to  know if it loaded 
> an RSA, DES, or another key format in my application.

Well, not sure about "ws" part but in xmlsec the key type is available
from xmlSecKeyPtr object.

>   The use of the wssec key manager is optional for decrypting as long as 
> I have a wsseckeyptr correct? 

Again, not sure about "ws" part but for xmlsec you don't need
key manager if you already have a key in the decryption context.


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