[xmlsec] xmlsec usage questions

James N. Hart mochdove at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 13:02:13 PDT 2009


  Is there a searchable interface for the mailing list hosted anywhere, I
apologize if I'm repeating common questions.

  When using xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad to load a binary key of type
xmlSecKeyDataFromatBinary will it simply load any type of binary key without
any more knowledge about the key as if it is RSA or DES?

  After using xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad to load a binary key or a PEM file with
an RSA or DES key inside of it how do I query the WSSecKeyPtr for
information about which type of key it is?  I need to  know if it loaded an
RSA, DES, or another key format in my application.

  The use of the wssec key manager is optional for decrypting as long as I
have a wsseckeyptr correct?

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