[xmlsec] Detached Signature over the content of Xml Tag

Admir Pasalic AdmirPasalic at alice-dsl.de
Fri Nov 7 10:26:01 PST 2008

Hi all!

I´m trying to make a Detached signature over the content of one single  
Xml Tag.
The Xml Tag looks like this:
Base64 encoded Data...

The signature is supposed to be made over the contents of the Tag,  
excluding the Tag itself.
The content of the Tag is base64 encoded.
I use a signature template file with XPath inside pointing to the  
desired Tag.

I have already made a code that works with a different tag tree, but  
it looks like
it´s not suitable for the signing of a single tag value (without tags  

Many thanks in advance.

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