[xmlsec] Error in integrating Google SSO with xmlsec

soumyadeep adhikary soumyadeep at indusnet.co.in
Thu May 15 22:59:16 PDT 2008


I have xmsec installed in my server.When i am running commands like

   - $cmd = 'xmlsec1 --version';

          I am getting an output    array(1) { [0]=> string(23) "xmlsec1
1.2.9 (openssl)" }

   - While trying to integrate the google SSO service i am trying to run the
   following command

           $cmd = 'xmlsec1 sign --privkey-pem ' . $privKey .
         ' --pubkey-der ' . $pubKey . ' --output ' . $tempFileName .
         '.out ' . $tempFileName;

        It fails and is asking to check xmlsec installation.

I would be very thankful anyone can help me on this matter.

Thank you,
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