[xmlsec] encrypt2 - error=45:key is not found

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Tue Apr 22 12:12:03 PDT 2008

Michael Hagedorn wrote:
> I got it running. But not using MSVC 2005.
> Binary distribution from zlatkovic.com is built by MS Win DDK. This 
> build links with msvcrt.dll and I was not able to link with same runtime 
> using MSVC 2005. Dynamic linkage of MT runtime with MSVC 2005 results in 
> msvcr80.dll. And mixing both runtime libs results in processing errors.
> The only way I got it working is to compile samples by Win DDK.
> I guess rebuilding all depended libraries by MSVC 2005 should work too 
> but I haven't checked this. As well using VC6 should work.

Program crash if c-runtime differ is documented well in MSDN too.


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