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Ed Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
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Hi Pierre,

    I had looked at XAdES in the context of xmlsec last year and I see
nothing that would prevent someone from creating the templates required to
support all the flavours of XAdES. The XAdES templates would have to be
built out in consecutive calls but it is definitely possible.

    I was going to do this for a client last year but my contract ended and
I moved on.

     Which type were you interested in XAdES, XAdES-T, XAdES-C, XAdES-X,
XAdES-X-L, XAdES-A ...  all of them ? Some are more complicated than others.


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Hello there,

I am using XMLSec for signing my document, and it is very confortable to 
use. Thanks for you work...
I made a php wrapper (inspired for the work of Alexandr M. Kalendarev) 
to use it on my website.

But now, I would need to sign with XAdES (it's a EU directive) an 
extension of XMLDSig.
XMLSec team, do you plan to make evolve your library to XAdES?

Thanks for your response

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