[xmlsec] Map the existing use of xmlsec on an engine ?

zze-CIA BENARD C ext RD-MAPS-LAN cbenard.ext at orange-ftgroup.com
Fri Oct 19 06:34:54 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to adapt an existing library (already using xmlsec-openssl) in using a CHIL engine. The actual code calls 

xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad(private_key_file, xmlSecKeyDataFormatPem, NULL, NULL, NULL) 
and then 

Which value should I set in the second parameter of xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoad to identify the correct format of the "key ID" . It's not a PEM, nor a CERT, it's an ID corresponding to the private_key stored in the Ncipher hardware... I feel lost :'(, in the same way the first parameter <private_key_file> describes the valuer of the ID, not a file.

Many thanks in advance

Cyrille Bénard

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