[xmlsec] Problem with xmlParseDoc

Erik F. Andersen ea at ascott.dk
Fri Oct 12 13:07:27 PDT 2007


I'm having a problem getting xmlsec working with the xmlParseDoc function.

If I build the document from scratch using xmlNewDoc I have no problem signing my documents, but if I write the contents of the document to memory xmlDocDumpMemory and then read the document back using xmlParseDoc, then signing does not work on the new document.

xmlSecDSigCtxSign will return a negative value.

Is there something I have to do after reading a document using xmlParseDoc before xmlsec will work correctly on that document?

I'm using the Win32 binaries and libxml2 version 2.6.17 and libxmlsec version 1.2.6.

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