[xmlsec] FW: Valid To has passed

Ed Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Sun Sep 9 18:02:47 PDT 2007

Here are the results of my last test ... 

I performed what you suggested. This is what I received on the verify ...

C:\XMLSec>xmlsec verify --crypto mscrypto --enabled-key-data
"rsa,x509,raw-x509-cert" --verification-time "2007-09-06 09:00:00"
inout/edsigned-enveloped-Entrust .xml
ecKeysMngrFindKey:error=1:xmlsec library function failed: ;last error=0
(0x00000000) ;last error msg=The operation completed successfully.

own:subj=unknown:error=45:key is not found: ;last error=0 (0x00000000);last
error ms g=The operation completed successfully.

known:subj=xmlSecDSigCtxProcessKeyInfoNode:error=1:xmlsec library function
failed: ; last error=0 (0x00000000);last error msg=The operation completed

SecDSigCtxSigantureProcessNode:error=1:xmlsec library function failed: ;last
error=0  (0x00000000);last error msg=The operation completed successfully.

Error: signature failed
SignedInfo References (ok/all): 1/1
Manifests References (ok/all): 0/0
Error: failed to verify file "inout/edsigned-enveloped-Entrust.xml"

If I set the --verification-time before expiry say on 2007-08-30 09:00:00"
it still fails.

Strange ???

I would prefer that the sign fail if the key is expired. This is how the
other CAPI desktop products work. 


P.S. I re-built on Rev 984 from the SVN trunk.


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Hi, Ed!

Thanks for trying the patch and sorry that it did not work for you. Could
you please try one more thing for me?
In the template, please remove <X509SubjectName> and <X509IssuerSerial>
nodes and keep only <X509Certificate> node. I.e. it should look like this:

		<dsig:KeyName>Shallow, Ed</dsig:KeyName>

Then try to sign and later verify it using xmlsec command line utility with
the following command line option added:

--enabled-key-data "rsa,x509,raw-x509-cert"



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