[xmlsec] lbixmlsec1.so.1 not found

mahmoud maxpade at yahoo.de
Fri Sep 7 05:18:28 PDT 2007

hi aleksey,

i ve installed xmlsec under linux and now i want to try sign1 from the examples directory

when i'm trying to start ./sign1 sign1-templ.xml rsake.pem i'm getting the error:

./sign1: error while loading shared libraries: libxmlsec1.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and when i try "ldd ./sign1" i'm getting:

linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0xffffe000)
        libdl.so.2 => /lib/libdl.so.2 (0x4002e000)
        libxmlsec1.so.1 => not found
        libxml2.so.2 => /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 (0x40032000)
        libz.so.1 => /lib/libz.so.1 (0x40146000)
        libpthread.so.0 => /lib/tls/libpthread.so.0 (0x40157000)
        libm.so.6 => /lib/tls/libm.so.6 (0x40168000)
        libc.so.6 => /lib/tls/libc.so.6 (0x4018c000)
        /lib/ld-linux.so.2 (0x40000000)

do you know how i can fix that error?

Thank you very much!!!


max pade

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