[xmlsec] Using OpenSSL beside XMLSec

Martin Salo Martin.Salo at gmx.net
Thu Aug 30 09:36:02 PDT 2007

Hello Mailinglist,

I want to use RSA encryption beside xmlsec. I tried the source code from below, but get an crash. On the OpenSSL FAQ is written that I must use the same RuntimeLib within the whole project.

Because of I'm using the Windows Port of XMLSec from Igor I have to use /MD switch, whitch means Multithreaded DLL. Now I can sign and verify a xml file. If I switch to one of the other settings I get a crash... so /MD must be right. Doese someone know what else I can check?



void CreateRsaKey() {
// Do some init:
BIGNUM *oBigNbr = BN_new();
RSA *oRsaKey = RSA_new();
int iLength=2048;

BN_set_word(oBigNbr, RSA_F4);

// Generate the key:
RSA_generate_key_ex(oRsaKey, iLength, oBigNbr, 0);

// Write key to hard disk (for testing)
FILE *oFile = fopen("C:\\MyKey.txt","w");
if (oFile!=0) {
    RSA_print_fp(oFile, oRsaKey, 100); // Here comes the crash.
    //RSA_print_fp(stdout, oRsaKey, 100); // Here comes the crash.

// Clean up:

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