[xmlsec] LAst try with x509

Chris McQueen chris at dctransform.com
Wed Jun 13 16:55:57 PDT 2007

I had a hunch that I may have messed up the creation of my keys and certs,
so... I went back and re-generated my public cert using the openssl
-set_serial option, and now I get *no errors* when signing or verifying
using the xmlsec command line utility!

However, it still does not populate the <X509IssuerSerial> node and
sub-nodes, only the X509Certificate node.

Is this simply not possible to do using the command line tool alone?

Chris McQueen

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xmlsec1 --verify --id-attr:id Body --trusted-pem tfpubkey.crt tfsigned.xml


ec2bn:error=4:crypto library function failed:
SignedInfo References (ok/all): 1/1
Manifests References (ok/all): 0/0

Chris McQueen

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> xmlsec1 --verify --id-attr:id Body --pubkey-cert-pem tfpubkey.crt
> tfsigned.xml
> it returns the following errors:

Replace "--pubkey-cert-pem" with "--trusted-pem"


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