[xmlsec] Using xmlsec-examples (Win32 applications, based on sign1.c, sign2.c and encrypt1.c etc)

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Apr 29 11:08:14 PDT 2007

> I get the following error log:
> ...\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\Sign1cpp\debug>sign1cpp.exe sign1-mpl.xml rsakey.pem
> func=:file=..\src\xmldsig.c:line=465:obj=unknown:subj=dsigCtx->c14nMethod == NULL:error=100:assertion:
> func=:file=..\src\xmldsig.c:line=303:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecDSigCtxSigantureProcessNode:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:
> Error: signature failed

Looks like the signature template does not have correct C14N method.

> Or:
> ...\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\Enc1\debug>Enc2.exe encrypt2-doc.xml deskey.bin
> func=:file=..\src\xmlenc.c:line=885:obj=unknown:subj=unknown:error=45:key is not found:
> func=:file=..\src\xmlenc.c:line=375:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecEncCtxEncDataNodeRead:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:
> Error: encryption failed

Looks like the key could not be found (keyname/keytype mismatch).


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