[xmlsec] xmlSecCryptoAppDefaultKeysMngrInit crashes?

Mike Fudd mifudd at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 06:58:37 PST 2007

Hello Mailinglist,

I want to encrypt XML data. I have created a function that creates a command 
line string for XMLSec. But if I execute the function twice the program 

The command line I want to execute was this:
encrypt --crypto openssl --xml-data T:\VS6\Debug\Example.xml --aeskey 
T:\VS6\Debug\aes256.bin --node-name Password1 --output 
T:\VS6\Debug\result.xml T:\VS6\Debug\my-tmpl.xml

At the second time the command line was:
encrypt --crypto openssl --xml-data T:\VS6\Debug\result.xml --aeskey 
T:\VS6\Debug\aes256.bin --node-name Password2 --output 
T:\VS6\Debug\result.xml T:\VS6\Debug\my-tmpl.xml

The program crashes at this function:
int xmlSecAppCryptoSimpleKeysMngrInit(xmlSecKeysMngrPtr mngr) {
    xmlSecAssert2(mngr != NULL, -1);

    // Now the crash:

You can simulate this behavior if you create a new main function with this 
int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
	// main_xmlsec is the renamed main function of the xmlsec.c modul.
	main_xmlsec(argc, (const char **)argv);
	main_xmlsec(argc, (const char **)argv);

Why doese the second crypto key manager init wont work?



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