[xmlsec] AES Encryption with a keyfile doese not work.

Kaushalye Kapuruge kaushalye at wso2.com
Mon Jan 8 00:03:42 PST 2007

Mike Fudd wrote:
>>> I have a problem with xmlsec.exe encryption. I gave to the program a 
>>> file with a AES256 key, but the result cannot be decrypted.
>> Well, can you decrypt it with xmlsec itself?
> Yes, it decrypts the file. But why? If I encrypt a file with the AES 
> algorithm, the output should be always the same if I use the same AES 
> key. Why doese xmlsec encryption always lead to another chiper text? 
> Are to the input some random data added?
You are correct. There are random data added for padding and for initial 
vector. :)
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