[xmlsec] How doese node-encryption work:

Mike Fudd mifudd at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 03:14:01 PST 2006

Hello Mailinglist,

I have a XML file (DataToEncrypt.xml) and want to decrypt only two elements. 
<Head> and <Passwords>. I want to regorgnice the functionality of XMLSec by 
an call of xmlsec.exe.

This is my call on the dos prompt:
--xml-data DataToEncrypt.xml
--node-name Passwords
--session-key des-192
--output result.xml

It doese not work because the template doese not match to the file I want to 
encrypt. If take it away it is said that I need a template? Can someone tell 
me how I get rid of the template?


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