[xmlsec] Encrypt only sections/Dont write plain to HD.

Mike Fudd mifudd at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 20 07:46:52 PST 2006

Hello Mailinglist,

I want to create a new file format (XML) for our application. The file 
format should have encrypted sections. The examples encrypt1.c, encrypt2.c 
and encrypt3.c are showing how to encrypt a whole existing XML. That are my 

1. The writer example of Libxml2 (testWriter.c) shows how to write XML tags 
directly to a file or into the RAM. Is it possible to use XMLSec to encrypt 
the XML file in the RAM? Because the plain text should never be written to 
harddisk. Is an example available?

2. How can I encrypt only some parts of an XML file? Is there a way to use 
the LibXml2 write commands through the XmlSec Api? (There is a LibXml2 
function xmlTextWriterStartElement, than XmlSec could provide a function 
xmlTextWriterStartElementSec that saves the next element only encrypted to 
HD and all necessary encryption elemens like EncryptionMethod, KeyInfo, ... 
with them.)



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