[xmlsec] xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoadMemory

Yeshwanth C cyeshwanth at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 07:06:25 PST 2006

I am reading a public key stored in binary format which I got from a key
blob with the function
xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoadMemory().  But I am getting the error "Invalid format"
Kindly advise
Thanks in advance

On 12/15/06, Aleksey Sanin <aleksey at aleksey.com> wrote:
> If you can get key in the required binary format, then "yes".
> xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoadMemory() reads key in given format from
> a memory block. Very similar to file based version.
> Aleksey
> Yeshwanth C wrote:
> > Can I send the key that is returned as an argument to
> > xmlSecCryptoAppKeyLoadMemory() ?
> >
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