[xmlsec] automake macro for xmlsec1

Heiko Ronsdorf hero at persua.de
Fri Dec 15 01:30:04 PST 2006

Hi list,

the attached file contains an automake macro to check the
version and installation prefix for xmlsec1.

> usage in configure.in
>                 [ACTION-IF-FOUND
>                 [, ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND]]])  

It is based on the macros for libxml2 (AM_PATH_XML2) and libxslt
(AM_PATH_XSLT). Please include this file in the distribution for
installation in $prefix/share/aclocal.

> Makefile.am:
> m4datadir=$(datadir)/aclocal 
> m4data_DATA=xmlsec1.m4



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