[xmlsec] Encryption example wont work

Mike Fudd mifudd at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 14 06:22:44 PST 2006

Hello Mailnglist,

I'm trying the encrypt1.c example. I have complied it dynamical with the 
windows port. After executing the program it crashes. In the comments is 
written I should use the "deskey.bin". This file is 24 bytes long->Keylength 
must be 96 Bits. But in the internet is written that DES should use 56 bit 
keys? Is this my problem?

The only changes I have made to get the the source running were this 
#define XMLSEC_CRYPTO "mscrypto" \\ taken from an internet example.

Where can I define the encryption method? Is it only defined by the values 
of the template xml?


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