[xmlsec] Help.

Stanko Milosev stanko at milosev.com
Tue Dec 12 03:36:09 PST 2006


I am working for a Slovenian company, they bought SecureBlackBox from the
Eldos company (www.eldos.com), but, document signed with SecureBlackBox
can't be verified with xmlSec, now, my question is why?

SecureBlackBox don't take care about white spaces between nodes, and it
seems that algorithm for signing is different (like DigestValue), is it
possible at all, with different algorithm for signing to verify signature
with xmlSec library?

I would like to attach xml document which I signed with SecureBlackBox,
can I do that?

Thank you in advance,
Stanko Milosev
Ive Andrica 15
21000 Novi Sad
Serbia and Montenegro
+381 64 274 90 96
stanko at milosev.com

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