[xmlsec] How to compile sign1.c?

Berthold Meiser berthold.meiser at gmx.de
Thu Dec 7 08:24:25 PST 2006

Hello Mailinglist,

I have downloaded the binaries for Windows (http://www.zlatkovic.com/libxml.en.html). I want to compile sign1.c or an other example. I'm using the MinGW Studio (GNU Compiler Collection). I have created a new Console Project, I have set XMLSEC_CRYPTO_DYNAMIC_LOADING for dynamic linking and the paths to include and lib.

Now I get this error message:
sign1.cpp:76: error: `XMLSEC_CRYPTO' undeclared (first use this function)
sign1.cpp:76: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
function it appears in.)
sign1.cpp: In function `int sign_file(const char*, const char*)':
sign1.cpp:166: error: invalid conversion from `const char*' to `const xmlChar*'

It points to this code:
    /* Load default crypto engine if we are supporting dynamic
     * loading for xmlsec-crypto libraries. Use the crypto library
     * name ("openssl", "nss", etc.) to load corresponding 
     * xmlsec-crypto library.
    if(xmlSecCryptoDLLoadLibrary(BAD_CAST XMLSEC_CRYPTO) < 0) {
	fprintf(stderr, "Error: unable to load default xmlsec-crypto library. Make sure\n"
			"that you have it installed and check shared libraries path\n"
			"(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) envornment variable.\n");

If I make static linking I get even more error messages. Any ideas?


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