[xmlsec] RE: Help by signing

Jürgen Heiss jheiss at Mesonic.com
Mon Sep 4 05:32:07 PDT 2006

When I set the Keyname like this


The file will be signed, but the KeyValue will be just insert if the certificate is a file.

If the certifiacte come from registry or a Token the keyvalue will not be set.

Is this a bug?


From: Jürgen Heiss 
Sent: Montag, 04. September 2006 09:00
To: xmlsec at aleksey.com
Subject: Help by signing

I sign an xml template like.
xmlsec --sign --crypto mscrypto --pkcs12 c:\cert.p12 --pwd sectret c:\template.xml
This works fine ;o)
but how can I sign an XMl file if I don't have the certifiacte as file? I mean if the Certifiacte is in the windows registry or if the cert file is on a token or Card?
Any Ideas?
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