[xmlsec] Trouble by verification

Jürgen Heiss jheiss at Mesonic.com
Thu Aug 24 02:22:22 PDT 2006

Please note that I use the binarys ;o(

node = xmlSecFindNode(xmlDocGetRootElement(doc), xmlSecNodeSignature, xmlSecDSigNs);
/* sign */
start_time = clock();
if(xmlSecDSigCtxInitialize(&dsigCtx, gKeysMngr) < 0) 
	return -1;

if(xmlSecDSigCtxVerify(&dsigCtx, node) < 0) 
	if(data != NULL) 

Note that at this point 
dsigCtx.signKey->dataList == NULL ! 

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There should be an error reported. Can you put a breakpoint in the xmlSecError() function? Can you try to verify the file using xmlsec command line tool?


Jürgen Heiss wrote:
> Its not directly an error msg ;o(
> The problem is that I get an dsig.signKey but the datalist from the signkey is empty!
> If I remove the blue lines it works!
> Any idea?

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