[xmlsec] .NET Integration

Ed Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Wed Aug 2 15:54:06 PDT 2006

I'll be trying .Net Framework-based inter-op in the coming months, I'll let
you know. I remember reporting problems with Beta Releases of InfoPath 2003
back in 2002 that had to do with faulty canonicalization in MSXML. This was
fixed by the time InfoPath 2003 shipped. They are pretty conscious of
inter-op and do extensive testing with IBM and others. I know for a fact
that they are aware of, and "probably" have conducted inter-op with XMLSec.
Additionally Open Office uses XMLSec and that is definitely on their radar.


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Interesting.  So MS to XmlSec works.  


Has anyone done the reverse (signing with XmlSec and verifying with .NET?)



From: Ed Shallow [mailto:ed.shallow at rogers.com] 
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Hi All,


   I have verified signed documents from MS Office Word 2007 Beta 2, Office
InfoPath 2003, and Office InfoPath 2007 Beta 2. However I am not sure what
crypto lib they use under the covers. I had heard that they were based on
MSXML5 which was not released to the public and used only internally. I
would suspect however that MSXML5 and the System.Cryptography.Xml .Net
packages are compatible, and therefore by extension so is XMLSec.





P.S. Office 2007 Beta 2 is publicly available for download are all versions
of the .Net packages



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Subject: [xmlsec] .NET Integration

Howdy.  I am wondering if anyone has successfully used XmlSec to sign a
document and then verified it in Microsoft .NET 2.0?  I have Googled this
and can't find any accounts of someone doing this.



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