[xmlsec] Build Errors on Solaris 8

Kostas Pagratis pagratis at roguewave.com
Tue Apr 4 17:16:11 PDT 2006

I am running configure like this


./configure --enable-shared


The build fails when it tries to read xslt include files.  It says the files
cannot be fount.  When I look at the makefiles, the include paths that are
being used (set in LIBXSLT_CFLAGS) are: /build/pagratis/3rdparty/include


Also LIBXSLT_LIBS is the same way which is wrong as well.  Any ideas anyone?
It seems like the configure script is messing up somewhere.  Thanks.


Kostas Pagratis
Consulting Engineer
Rogue Wave Software

a Quovadx(TM) Division
(w) 303-545-3268


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