[xmlsec] New xmlsec 1.2.10 release

aleksey at aleksey.com aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Jun 12 13:23:10 PDT 2006

The new XML Security Library 1.2.10 release available at the usual place:


includes the following changes and bug fixes:

    * GOST algorithms support (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    * Ability to disable system trusted certs in xmlsec-mscrypto
      (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    * New functions for adding X509IssuerName and X509SerialNumber nodes
      to the template (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    * Better packaging support for Fedora and Debian (Daniel Veillard,
      John Belmonte)
    * Cleanups from Coverity tool reports
    * Bug fixes

Thanks to everyone for the contribution and bug reports!

Aleksey Sanin

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